Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature

Michael Faraday

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Too good to be true?

Many people you mention this to may say, ‘it sounds too good to be true’, and they will follow this with, ‘and if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is’.

Well, back in the mid nineteenth century that was said about the idea of generating electricity, then Michael Faraday showed how it could be done – and where would we be without it?

So if someone says to you that what we do, ‘sounds too good to be true’, then please bear in mind that in almost two decades we have successfully taken over more than 200 bankrupt companies.

If someone tells you what we do sound illegal, what they mean is,

‘I haven’t heard of it and I don’t understand it’.


So is my company bankrupt? ….. (read on)